The Theatre of War  A Wrestling Theme Inspired Logo Set
After a year and a half working for a bank, I wanted to do a fun project, based around a fictional wrestling promotion. These are the logos for the company and the monthly Pay-Per-Views plus a "special" event. This project was done to make design fun again and to that extent it was successful! I decided to add flair backgrounds to the images and share them.
The Theatre of War company Logo on a smashed image of the Colosseum.
The Theatre of War is a wrestling company built on the ideals of today's modern style mixed with the concepts of classic Roman Colosseum battles fused with the concept of the old WMAC Masters tv show I watched as a kid. The company's logo was meant to convey the classic Colosseum feel.

The top champions in the company are considered the "King Of War" or "Queen of War" and usually sit on a throne watching the rest try to battle to dethrone them.
The Ambush PPV, with urban decay and graffiti inspiration.
Ambush is a standard Pay Per View with a logo inspired by graffiti and urban decay. If the event had a theme it would be street fight, back alley brawls.
Decimation is an all out battle royal style PPV where everyone is involved.
Decimation would feature a battle royal type match where the winner would go on to challenge the King or Queen of War in attempt to dethrone them. Everyone is effect, just like in a nuclear blast.
Rise of War was originally Dawn of War by the name was changed and the theme was kept. 
Originally to be called Dawn of War, the name was changed to Rise of War in order to avoid confusion with the video game franchise. The concept remains the same though, this was meant to be the company's Super Bowl type event. While the event likely takes place in the middle of the year, it marks the end of the "season" for the company.
End of Days is a standard event.
End of Days is a standard event. The theme at the show would likely be apocalyptic . The concept is simple and a play on the post-apocalyptic scene.
Fate of the Fallen is inspired by classic metal and rock bands.
At Fate of the Fallen, live bands would play during the fights and it wouldn't be uncommon for the fighters to end up in the crowd. The inspiration came from classic rock and metal bands.
Succession is a king of the mountain, tournament style completion.
The Succession pay per view event would feature a tournament in which the winner isn't crowned but is determined to be next in line to the crown, either King or Queen of War, and may evoke their right to challenge for the throne, once, at any time over the next year. Until that point they are considered the heir to the crown.
Liberation event, inspired by guerrilla or rebellion movements.
Liberation would be a standard event inspired by revolutions and guerrilla moments in the past. The theme for this event would be a "fight the power" type event and scenes could be depicted as if they are in offices or jails.
Sorrow is simply inspired by gore.
Sorrow is themed with being the bloodiest, most brutal event for the true hardcore. It would be the event to most likely include bloody battles, putting an opponent through something or ending in first blood.
Final Assault is an all on the line, end of the year wrap-it-up style event.
Final Assault would likely be at the end of the year with the idea of wrapping up any feuds and unfinished business between fighters. Any lingering hostilities are to be settled once and for all here.
Enemy Lines is inspired by crossover battles.
Enemy Lines is to be a "special" crossover event between the fighters of the TOW and and those of a partnering company, usually in another country. The above features a battle against a Japanese partner. The bouts would all feature the top of each company facing each other in head to head competition. Meant to be a love letter to the fans so they can see their favorites come together for one night.
Struggle inspired by the idea of trapping and escaping.
Struggle is an event with the concept getting into, out of or dealing with various situations. This event would most likely feature bouts in cells, cages or other confinements, such as straps, chains etc. The idea is that not only are the fighters struggling against their opponents but also gains the confines of the bout its self.
Survival is based on the concept of being the last person standing.
Survival is an event based on outlasting your opponents. Bouts with stipulations of last person standing, elimination, iron man or best of series would be common place here. Many of these fights would not only test the fighter's skill but also their endurance.
Sins of War based on the taboo concepts of what goes on during war.
While typically a standard event, Sins of War would likely feature a list of bouts where the typical rule book is thrown out and fighters are tasked with winning by any means necessary. True to its name, instead of hiding and repenting over the shady side of battle, fighters will use them to their advantage.
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